1A. For optimal ostomy and hernia support, apply the belt when lying down. Lay down on your back, with the belt underneath you and apply according to instructions: put one hand in the pocket and wrap the belt around yourself with the other hand (1a) so that the pocket-less end is located on your abdomen (1b).

1.B Make sure that the cut-to-fit panel is located over the stoma site. The belt can be reversed for left or right use.

2. Use your hand to close the pocket on the soft flap. The wide soft loop offers adjustment of support level. Ensure that the support level feels comfortable.
Close the belt outside of the ostomy area to prevent uncomfortable pressure on the stoma. 

3. Ensure that the panel is located over the stoma site.

Make sure the belt is not too loose or has folds. If so, open and apply again.

4. If you are using the belt with a hole, gently pull the pouch through the hole.

5. Your ostomy support belt with individual hole for the pouch is now in place.

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